Meet Firefly

Firefly is a revolutionary tablet-powered mirror that will change the way you look at yourself forever.
Talk with it. Interact with it. Live with it.

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Voice Activated

You can't use your mirror like you would your tablet, who wants fingerprints all over their mirror? Firefly uses the same voice technology as Amazon's Echo to understand and respond to advanced queries so you'll never need your hands.

App for that

Alarm clock. Notifications. Uber. Camera. Weather. Timer. Traffic. Calendar. Reminders. Stocks. Tides. This is just the beginning. We're trying our hardest to make sure there's always an app for that. Request more apps if you're a backer during the Kickstarter campaign!

Why Firefly?

We are proud to be able to provide the best smart mirror in the world at the best price in the market. We're able to do this due to our unique manufacturing process involving high-resolution 3D printing, the best quality glass, and the amazing ability to transform your old tablets into your Firefly mirror.

Kickstarter Edition

The mirror for the next generation, just plug in a tablet and you're ready to go.

Get a daily rundown of your schedule

See the weather so you’re never unprepared


Call your ride while you’re getting ready

Watch your stocks skyrocket

Amazon Echo Integration

Just say "Firefly" and your voice requests will be forwarded to Amazon's Echo services, so you get the full power of a personal assistant right in your mirror. You can even use Firefly to order from Amazon, "Firefly, order me more soap"

Smart Home Hub

As a Controller

Tell Firefly to "turn off your lights" or "close the drapes". With IFTTT integration you can automatically turn on lights when your morning alarm goes off or even start coffee when you stand in front of the mirror.

As a Receiver

Display custom events on the Firefly home screen so you are always up-to-date.

*actual photo of Firefly prototype

Daily Summary

Get a rundown of your schedule and any of your upcoming to-do's while you're brushing your teeth in the morning (saving valuable time that could be used sleeping instead)

*actual photo of Firefly prototype


With completely customizable news sources and responsive voice controls, Firefly creates a new way to read the morning paper.

*actual photo of Firefly prototype

Customizable Widgets

The home screen comes with endless possibilities, with everything from tides to stocks to custom web views, you can make sure Firefly is right for you.

The Best Way To Wake Up

At Firefly, we know the morning can be tough. When you hear the alarm go off all you want to do is press that snooze button. With Firefly, you turn off the alarm by standing in front of the mirror, guaranteeing you're awake and ready for the day!

Fully customizable with web view support to make your own mirror apps.

Advanced AI powers Firefly face detection and context aware actions such as auto starting timers when you hold a toothbrush and responding to gestures.

A companion app lets you easily set up and modify layouts on your mirror.

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